Sunday, April 8, 2018

Costuming with my daughter- projects from spring 2018

When we work together, my daughter comes up with the designs and I execute them.  For me, it slows down the process a little because I have to take the time to understand the layers of her drawing before I can execute.. and when I costume by myself, I take a more simplistic approach.  Each has their place and use.

Here are some photos of what we have done recently.

I recently squeezed in a quick costuming job for a middle school in Atlanta (photos taken from a distance to obscure faces)  (poverty in 1815 Louisiana)

She is handpainting a couple of jackets for the princes for into the woods:

Put her level of detail together with my simple construction, and you get something very layered and interesting.  (no heads-also middle schoolers)

Friday, March 16, 2018

Booth update and upcoming changes

So I make costumes, and I make home accessories, and I have a vintage booth.

I have been wracking my head trying to determine how to make this all work together seamlessly.  I had a conversation with the owner of the Design store where I have my booth about the feasibility of combining it all, and her thought is that it would be best if I opened a separate booth focusing on Vintage clothing/costumes...

I kinda like it.  I have to research first my area and how that would fly. I have to check out my access to these items and how I would keep the inventory coming. What items I could make that would fit in with the vintage stuff. And how that would work in the overall home interiors business where I have my booth.

So much to think about, but it could work.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sold a house bought a house made booth changes

Yes, I have been busy.

I sold a house,

bought a house

Waited for it to be built which meant moving twice (I don't recommend it).

My booths suffered during this time, partly from inattention, partly from inconsistent sales, that I could not figure out at all. At the end of the day, the other booths I had just didn't fit my style or taste and I was going out of my way to try to figure out the market.  I could not.  (See the lack of cohesive design, partly from sharing the booth... partly from just now knowing what would or could sell.)

The friend and I had separate booths at first
The friend and I tried sharing booths to save costs

Eventually, we gave up the booth we could not figure out, my partner gave up the business (as she became a successful real-estate agent), and I am now digging in my heels at the booth closest to my house that closer to my vision of what I wanted and that I am having more consistent sales at.

 I also settled into my new booth, lost my booth partner (still best friend, no hard feelings), and closed down my other booth.

Here is how my booth looks right now:

I am currently working on a new overall design and will reveal it soon.... Just trying to sell off stuff from closed booth first.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Things are coming along nicely.

Loving the Hamilton Mill Booth Location, but not able to give it the time it deserves as I am selling my house and buying a new one.  This makes it hard to make new items for my store spaces.  The good news is that I will be living near there.  Undecided if I will keep the other location.  My costuming work is keeping me very busy as it is.

As of right now I am working on.

1. Charlottes Webb
2. Gearing if for Fahrenheit 451 in spring
3. Gearing up for Into the Woods in Spring

just finished a prop-heavy comedy and helping out with another show I wasn't expecting to work on.
I am also working on a Halloween costume right now.

With my daughter home after finishing college, we are deciding how to split off work, as there is plenty for both of us.  She will be jumping into the costume side.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Booth is coming along

It looks really good if I could say so myself. However, I have yet to see sales on this one and I am surprised.  Here are the updated photos.

I am soliciting ideas for getting people to buy more!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Make that 2 Vintage Booth Locations

I just found out this week that store where I started my vintage booth business is closing. I kinda knew that it had problems as the property had been purchased, and they were doing some construction. But business was just starting to pick up after a very slow winter. Anyway, that is kinda the reason why we (my friend/partner) and I started looking at other places. 

We are ecstatic with the newest spot at Status Design And consign, 2240 Hamilton Creek Pkwy in Dacula GA. It is very upscale and fits my personal design style.  Our other space is more laid back and a good place to find true collectibles. It is at Unique Treasures Antique and Flea Market, 3635 Highway 78 W Snellville, GA 

We will miss the Ben's location. The staff has taught me so much in my first year doing this business and I will never be able to repay that.  Knowledge is power. The people who are running the store, Angie and Larry are both retiring, and I wish them well. 

Here are photos of my shared booth in Dacula (Hamilton Mill) 

and my solo booth in Snellville. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Did I say 2 Vintage Booth locations? How about 3?

Right after I chose my second location, a location I was on the waiting list for opened up. Both of the new booths have 6  month commitments.  I went for it though because waiting list means vendors are happy, and our booth style had to be approved before we were let in, so that means I won't have a neighbor with a bunch of junk next to me. I am very happy about that.

So, today was the day to set up my 3rd booth. Timing was awful because my daughter heads out to her internship in a couple of days and I was trying to help her get her ducks in a row.  She had doctors appointments, and we had to collect and pack things... not to mention her graduation party was also last weekend... and if my week weren't draining enough, my dog died. He was 15, and very sick, but dang... we are still having a hard time... I've had a set of two Mini-Schnauzers all this time. Now I just have one lonely dog.  But I digress.

This booth is shared with my friend.  So HER Store will be combining with COT (chic oddments and treasures to become HER COTTAGE.

Here is a sneak peek.  Her stuff isn't in the booth yet.

Ephemera (vintage craft paper) and photo frames

Closeup- ephemera and post cards
Pillow and wall art, painted small chest. 

Because only my things are set up right now, you can't see that our styles really go well together. We also combined our first booths (second location we have separate booths.  Here's a peek.  Our sign isn't up yet. 

So anyway, today I picked up things from booth 1 (mostly display furniture) took my daughter to the doctor. Brought items to and set up booth 3.  I pushed though my leg/hip issues and made dinner, after which I had energy for a couple of projects:

Our sign for booth 3.

Design books made from old books to put in my booth for viewing and hopefully custom work. I dd all of these projects with my sad remaining dog lying on my foot.

The first book I used is Chicken Soup for the Kids book... it like that it has illustrations and poems throughout. The second book, I accidentally started upside down and backwards which is turning out well.  I have a space for headers now.