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Friday, March 16, 2018

Booth update and upcoming changes

So I make costumes, and I make home accessories, and I have a vintage booth.

I have been wracking my head trying to determine how to make this all work together seamlessly.  I had a conversation with the owner of the Design store where I have my booth about the feasibility of combining it all, and her thought is that it would be best if I opened a separate booth focusing on Vintage clothing/costumes...

I kinda like it.  I have to research first my area and how that would fly. I have to check out my access to these items and how I would keep the inventory coming. What items I could make that would fit in with the vintage stuff. And how that would work in the overall home interiors business where I have my booth.

So much to think about, but it could work.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sold a house bought a house made booth changes

Yes, I have been busy.

I sold a house,

bought a house

Waited for it to be built which meant moving twice (I don't recommend it).

My booths suffered during this time, partly from inattention, partly from inconsistent sales, that I could not figure out at all. At the end of the day, the other booths I had just didn't fit my style or taste and I was going out of my way to try to figure out the market.  I could not.  (See the lack of cohesive design, partly from sharing the booth... partly from just now knowing what would or could sell.)

The friend and I had separate booths at first
The friend and I tried sharing booths to save costs

Eventually, we gave up the booth we could not figure out, my partner gave up the business (as she became a successful real-estate agent), and I am now digging in my heels at the booth closest to my house that closer to my vision of what I wanted and that I am having more consistent sales at.

 I also settled into my new booth, lost my booth partner (still best friend, no hard feelings), and closed down my other booth.

Here is how my booth looks right now:

I am currently working on a new overall design and will reveal it soon.... Just trying to sell off stuff from closed booth first.