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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cool and unusual item in Ebay Store Mockingjay flight suit

These flight suits are rare and were used in the Mockingjay (Hunger Games) movies.

Khaki Green one piece.  I also used some of these to make costumes for Farenheit 451

This is one of several Hunger games Items we are currently listing.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Broadway Trip Week part 2- Kinky boots and a bonus

When I wrote my last post, we hadn't actually seen Kinky Boots yet. I chose seats on the main floor, but as it was a last minute choice, our seats were all the way in back, so there was some leaning and neck craning going on.  The photo shows our view, and we didn't really miss any of the action.

I went in thinking Kinky Boots was going to be this provocative, edgy, in your face kinda show, but it was actually very sweet. If you are going to it to Cyndi Lauper's music, I went in expecting "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and got "True Colors".  We enjoyed it greatly, got some merch, and that ended our broadway week with an "ahhhhhhh"  That was nice!

The costumes were fabulous. We drooled over the boots and the outfits that Lola and her "gals wore".  The factory costumes were appropriate for the characters.  Nothing ever stood out as too much or too little.

The set was a factory front at first sight, but it opened up to show the inside of the factory, or a performance room, or a fashion show catwalk... whatever was required at the moment.  It was simple, with moving pieces (moved mostly by cast members) and it worked seamlessly.

There was a bit of bonus to our week.  A few days before my trip I got a text from a young friend/entertainer in NY.  I had made a few costumes for him 2 years ago for a one-man show. I knew he was working on an off-broadway piece that had been workshopped and in development, but it turns out it was about to open.  The email read: We are using the costumes you made me in the show, how should I credit you?  My answer was My Name!  Put My Name in the program?

Unfortunately, we were flying in on Monday and Out on Friday morning, and the show was on weekends only, but we went to a tech rehearsal and got a food feel for the show.  It is called Le Blanc, and is running through August.

 Le Blanc is a non-linear full length play with elements of music, art distillation, light design, and dance. Our show follows the rags to riches (back to rags) autobiography of the world infamous, unapologetically Black, openly queer, political, and talented (fictional) character of Wellington "Isyss" Le Blanc.