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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Summer project, and next year

I just got two really trashed boxes in the mail. I had ordered a Z rack to get some costumes and such organized.  It looks like they sent me two, and both boxes are trashed. Let's hope I have 1 complete Z-rack from the bunch.  I don't understand.

So I need to spend the summer loading all the costumes onto my website for renting/selling.

Then I need to prepare to costume 4-5 shows beginning in the fall.  2 are supposed to be at the community theatre with me teaching someone else the process. 1 is supposed to be solo in the Spring... I've already started brain storming it. 2 are paid gigs at the public school.  I'm kinda excited about that.

So that's costumes.

As for furnishing and home decor:  I am downsizing my first vintage booth because it is turning out to be a very fickle location. I am opening a small booth 8 miles away because the location seems steller.  First week, I sold a table/chair set I had been sitting on for a year at the other place.  Hopefully, that is a good omen.