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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Make that 2 Vintage Booth Locations

I just found out this week that store where I started my vintage booth business is closing. I kinda knew that it had problems as the property had been purchased, and they were doing some construction. But business was just starting to pick up after a very slow winter. Anyway, that is kinda the reason why we (my friend/partner) and I started looking at other places. 

We are ecstatic with the newest spot at Status Design And consign, 2240 Hamilton Creek Pkwy in Dacula GA. It is very upscale and fits my personal design style.  Our other space is more laid back and a good place to find true collectibles. It is at Unique Treasures Antique and Flea Market, 3635 Highway 78 W Snellville, GA 

We will miss the Ben's location. The staff has taught me so much in my first year doing this business and I will never be able to repay that.  Knowledge is power. The people who are running the store, Angie and Larry are both retiring, and I wish them well. 

Here are photos of my shared booth in Dacula (Hamilton Mill) 

and my solo booth in Snellville. 

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